Unit 3

artist statement

My art comes from life. I like to observe life, observe the environment around me, and even strangers passing by, and start thinking and developing art works from the living state. Because I believe that life is easy to resonate with. Art that resonates is the most touching.

People's living attitude is becoming more and more homebound. Despite tending to buy bigger houses, our living space seems to become smaller. More and more people enjoy their free time by choosing to face the computer at home rather than go outside. The sudden outbreak of plague aggravated the phenomenon. Due to the large-scale lockdown, people even lost the right to enjoy the natural scenery outdoors. In the long run, it will even cause a lot of psychological burden. Including a strong sense of loneliness. Especially for those who have lived alone for several months. Such as me. In order to dispel such negative emotions, I tried to make a group of works based on the connection and opposition between the artificiality and nature and tried to combine with the feelings and living conditions of contemporary people. 

There is a series called "novel rooms", continuing from Unit 2 to Unit 3. It started as an encouragement to myself and other people who face lockdown alone. But during the practising, my mind has changing, and I realised how much the pandemic has changed to everything, although the city has been unbolcked. What I observed stimulates my interest to study the relationship between people and the environment, I decided to continue and try more on this theme  in unit 3.